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Celebrating to Our Third Anniversary!

The spring issue of Edible Omaha is now available at over a 100 locations in the greater Omaha and Lincoln metropolitan areas and we hope you have grabbed your copy.  In this issue, we’ve chosen to celebrate mothers and kids, starting with…Food For Thought.

As adults, we enjoy sharing childhood Mom-isms with friends to see how “normal” our childhoods might (or might not) have been.

  • “Eat all your food, there are starving children in the world.” As kids, we most likely rolled our eyes or quietly suggested sending the food we didn’t want to eat to those children. Today, as adults, we realize food waste is a real issue and that being mindful of the food we buy, eat and dispose of impacts much more than our stomachs.
  • “You can play once your chores are done and that includes weeding in the garden.” We’d like to say we recall rushing to complete chores and, in the summer, getting up early to avoid weeding in the heat of the day but are certain that wasn’t the case.
  • “Did you do your best?” This was always a tricky one because no matter our answers, somehow Mom always knew the real answer—and yet she lovingly encouraged us to learn from our mistakes.
  • “Be kind,” “be quick to examine your motives and to admit when you’re wrong” and “to ask for forgiveness is a strength not a weakness.” We find these to be principles we continue to develop.
  • “You never have to apologize for working hard, and always try to give back.” Our parents exhibited this with their everyday actions, and it is a big part of the reason why Edible Omaha exists today.

So we dedicate this issue to our moms, Peggy Rhoades (Amy’s mom) and Betty Reichart (Lucy’s mom) and say thank you for giving us foundations that have allowed us to dream BIG.

We would love for you to share your Mom-isms with us on our Facebook page, and on Mother’s Day we will randomly choose one to win an autographed copy of New Prairie Kitchen, the new cookbook from Edible Omaha contributor Summer Miller that profiles 25 of the most exciting and groundbreaking chefs, farmers and producers of artisanal goods from Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota.


Amy S. Brown and Lucy Wilson


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