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 Our Mission: To tell the story of our community, past and present, through our ever evolving food and drink culture. Celebrating those who bring this bounty to our tables, we highlight our family farmers, our fishermen, and our chefs; our butchers, bakers, brewers, urban gardeners and passionate home cooks. We are here to give a voice to those dedicated to the health of our community, through sustainable practice, through fresh, seasonal foods, from Malibu to the Marina…


About Us

Edible Omaha – Amy S. Brown and Lucy Wilson, co-Publishers

Amy S. Brown, co-publisher of Edible Omaha has deep roots in the soils of both Iowa and Nebraska. She is a life-long learner who loves to think, have meaningful conversations and solve problems. She first became aware of the dilapidated state of the food system after attending a special screening of the documentary Food Fight with a post-show discussion with Director Chris Taylor. Deeply disturbed and needing to take action, she continued to educate herself while converting the diet of her family and countless others to clean eating and supporting fresh, local and organic food. Wanting to share her passion for a healthy food ecosystem she is thrilled to bring Edible Omaha to her community as a vehicle for creating mutually beneficial and sustainable connections.

Edible Omaha co-publisher Lucy Wilson is a garden fanatic who is constantly amazed at the provision contained in a single seed. She was born and raised in Nebraska but currently makes her home with her husband Doug and their two dogs across the river in Council Bluffs, Iowa on an acreage. Her passion to see her community build a sustainable food source is only … Read More

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