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Why Advertise in Edible Omaha?

There is something new and beautiful growing in your backyard. Get involved with Edible Omaha.

Edible Omaha can help your business grow

Our Readers are proud to be our readers. They read Edible publications cover-to-cover and want their friends and neighbors to know they stand for what we stand for. The magazines are valuable reference material and rather than getting tossed into the recycling bin, issues of Edible are put on proud display in the home.

To advertise in Edible Omaha is to advertise in the living rooms, kitchens and coffee tables of exactly the customers you’re looking for.

Edible readers are connected, savvy and community minded. They are active consumers and champions of local, independent businesses. They are passionate about local food and sustainability. They look for value but will pay more for high quality. What’s more, they influence their friends – telling them where to shop, where to eat, what to cook, what to drink and why.

Voice to the Voiceless

Edible Omaha is an advocate, giving a voice to local farmers, food and beverage professionals, restaurateurs, community associations, educators and others in the community in support of building a sustainable local food system. We value your trust … Read More

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